Firm Overview

In January 2012, Attorneys Joshua Krefetz and John Seed joined forces to establish Krefetz & Seed, a law firm that represents clients in the areas of landlord/tenant, criminal defense, and real estate. Krefetz & Seed has established itself as a trusted voice with a successful track record representing clients in the greater Boston area.

Prior to 2012, Joshua operated a small solo practice in Allston focusing on landlord/tenant and civil litigation matters. John was the supervising Assistant District Attorney for the Brighton District Court, which serves the Allston-Brighton neighborhoods of Boston. Joshua and John are both specialists in their fields, and they have built a partnership that ensures robust, capable defense of their clients.

Mission statement:

We offer the best representation in a broad range of cases within our specialties. We treat each and every client with the personal attention and dedication to their case that they deserve. We are a small firm that gets serious results.

We are the people who will get the job done for you. Our track record proves that, and we look forward to serving you, representing you, and vindicating your legal rights.